Software and Computer Network Conflicts

When we first hear from businesses, they frequently tell us about the problems they are having with their computer network and their software. They have talked to software support and were told the problems are caused by their computer network or their technology hardware. Often they have consulted with an IT technician and he disagrees, telling them it’s a software problem. The business is stuck in the middle and they don’t know what to do.

The only thing that’s certain is that they have a big technology problem and no solution in sight.

This is where NoCo Technology Solutions comes in. We understand problems that create issues between software programs and computer networks. We have extensive experience figuring out what’s really going on and how to make things work so you can get back to your business.

One of the first things we look for and ask about is updates. Have you updated your software recently? Installed a new software product? How about the operating system on your network—when was the last time you installed updates for it?

The answers to these questions are clues on where to start. The fact is, hardware and software can get at odds with one another when one part of the system is out-of-date compared to what the other is needing in order to function properly.

For instance, if your software specifies that it needs a particular version (or newer) of the operating system, the software is relying on capabilities only that newer operating system provides. If you haven’t updated your operating system for some time, you may find you can’t run a particular software product.

The problem is tougher when you don’t just need to update your operating system, you need to upgrade; meaning you need a new version of the operating system. If you’re still running XP, for instance, you may find fewer software products that run properly on that older technology. Moving to a new operating system may be painful but it may be the only way to keep your business processes functioning.

So, to avoid problems with operating system and software conflict, you need to stay relatively current. And relatively is the key word. You don’t need to buy the newest technology the moment it comes on the market but you don’t want to wait until you’re one of the last ones still using old hardware and operating systems. Spending a reasonable budgeted amount each year to stay current enough is often the best plan to keep your computer network and software reliable, functional and affordable.

The mismatch between the software and the network can go the other direction, too. If you have a new operating system, you may find your old software doesn’t work as well as it used to. Again, since software is written with certain “expectations” about the operating system, you may find your operating system has outdistanced your software. Keeping your software up-to-date is the key. Occasionally, however, we find customers that use software that is no longer being updated. In that case, you may have to revisit your software solution.

This is the first part of a two-part series of blog posts about problems between your computer network and your software. In my next blog, I’ll discuss other reasons you may experience conflicts of this type.

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