Internet Filtering

Do you pay your employees to:

Catch up with their buddies on Facebook? Watch porn? See what the cute puppy did on YouTube?


Most likely, you have employees who do just that. The hours of productivity that are wasted by the average small businesses’ employees surfing the internet for entertainment purposes are staggering. Let’s do the math:

If you have 8 employees
Who waste 1 hour a day on social media 8 hours total
That you pay an average of $27,000 per year
Which is equal to an approximate hourly amount of $13.50
You are losing this much per day ($13.50 for 8 hours) $ 108.00
You are losing this much per year (250 workdays X $108.50) $27,000

That’s paying for an employee to do nothing!

Who can afford that kind of expense?

NoCo Technology Solutions can filter your internet to prevent employee access to:

  • social networking sites
  • pornography sites
  • game sites
  • or anywhere you don’t want them to surf

There’s multiple ways to accomplish this service based on your needs and how your system is designed. Pornography sites, for example, have a particular key that filtering services can recognize that puts them on the list of unavailable sites.

Internet Filtering with Customized Access

Filtering services keep the list of unacceptable sites updated by category, so you can choose which categories of sites you want to filter.

We can even customize access. For instance, if you have marketing personnel that perform marketing on social media sites for your company, we can leave their access available while closing it off for other employees.

Start Filtering Now

Combine Internet Filtering With Security & Virus Protection

If you wish, we can also combine this filtering capability with a physical firewall to give you the ultimate multi-faceted protection against spyware, viruses, worms and other malware. Read more about security and virus protection.

Call NoCo Technology Solutions today to stop losing money to social media and other non-business-related sites.

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