Data Backup

Is your data backup working?
More importantly, can you restore your backup?

It’s something no one wants to think about:

What would happen if tomorrow all your data were gone?

Think of your business trying to function without any of your client records, emails, documents, accounting files, pictures, and HR files. The time and cost of re-creating all that information would be enormous; your business would suffer while you and your employees were distracted trying to deal with the loss.

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Colorado Data Backup Services and Data Loss Prevention

At NoCo Technology Solutions, we are experts at providing data backup services for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

Small businesses are among the most vulnerable because, without an IT Service Provider setting up an easy-to-manage system, data backup is usually a tiny part of a long list of functions an employee performs for the company. It can often be neglected when they get busy or it’s too time consuming. And rarely are backups tested to be sure the data is recoverable.

History tells us that almost half of businesses who suffer catastrophic data loss will never reopen, and even more will be out of business within a year.

Restore Your Computer Data

Allowing your business to easily and quickly restore computer data reduces downtime and data loss. A data backup / data loss prevention system may save your business from a needless hardship. In addition, your business backup systems will need regular testing to ensure the backup data can be restored to prevent future data loss.

NoCo Technology Solutions can help you determine what type of backup system makes sense for your office or your home computer and make sure your data is recoverable. We can help you set up processes and procedures to ensure backups are made regularly, are recoverable, and safeguard one of the most valuable assets you own—your data.

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