What Makes Network Security Vulnerable to Hacking Attacks?

Network security, even of large organizations, can get hacked or attacked. How does that happen? Do you wonder if your network or system is susceptible to attack? Is there anything you can do to prevent that from happening to your system?

There are many different kinds of attacks. Some hacking is focused on finding vulnerabilities in computer network security and exploiting that vulnerability to gain control or allow access to other damaging software code. Other attacks overwhelm a network’s ability to handle traffic by flooding it with data that leaves the network unable to function. Another type of attack focuses on simulating authorized user credentials and gaining access to the network’s data and information.

While hacking software may pursue a known target network, many times they will scan a range of IP addresses looking for any vulnerability. An IP address is a unique number that identifies each device that accesses the internet and is also used to identify all devices on a network. Every business has IP addresses assigned to all their network computers, printers, and other devices so you may find yourself attacked at random; simply because a device on your network had an IP address that was scanned and a vulnerability found by hackers.

Vulnerabilities may come from poor or improper configuration of a network; hardware or software flaws; or operational weaknesses.

So, to prevent attacks, you want to make sure:

  • Your network, firewall, and all your server setup are properly configured.
  • You keep your operating system and software properly maintained: that means all updates, patches and new versions are installed on a consistent, timely basis.

To learn more about firewalls, see the Frequently Asked Questions on the IT Network Service: Maintenance, Design and Installation page on our website.
NoCo Technology Solutions of Fort Collins has the expertise to make sure your network is configured properly and provides regular network maintenance service to help prevent attacks and keep your network secure. Call us at 970-223-1885 for a security analysis to check the state of your network’s security.

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