10 Things About Cloud Computing You Need to Know

The 10 questions and answers below will give you an overview of cloud computing, but when it comes to deciding whether to put your business applications or network on the cloud; you need more in-depth knowledge. NoCo Technology Solutions is hosting an educational webinar February 13 at 10:30 a.m. to provide that information so you’ll know how to make the right decision for your company.

  1. What is cloud computing? There are many definitions of cloud computing. The most basic description is that you use the Internet to access any or all of your data, your software, and your backups; maybe even your entire network.
  2. What if my Internet connection goes down? A reliable Internet connection is important to successfully using the cloud since you won’t be able to access your software or data when the Internet is down.
  3. Where is my data? Your data is stored on a hard drive, usually in a data center. The company you bought cloud services from may own the data center or they may be renting space at another company’s data center. Data centers are not always in the United States.
  4. How do I access the cloud? You go to a website and provide identification such as a username and password; then you have access to your cloud services, software, or data.
  5. Will I save money moving my business to the cloud? In some circumstances, companies can save considerable money being on the cloud. Those circumstances don’t apply to all businesses, though, and many companies don’t find any cost savings with cloud computing. The other benefits of cloud computing besides cost savings can be crucial, though. For you to successfully move to the cloud, it’s vital you understand all the benefits and how your business will gain from those benefits.
  6. Is my data really safe on the cloud? All the marketing hype says it is. But there are many situations and concerns you need to be aware of before you make your decision. Some cloud service providers have had security breaches. ‘Who owns the data?’ is a surprisingly complex issue. There are also legal and governmental actions related to the cloud you need to know about. There’s a lot for business owners and managers to consider before they make the decision to move to the cloud.
  7. Who is the best cloud services provider? There is not one best cloud services or solutions provider. You need someone knowledgeable to analyze your business’ particular situation—including what cloud benefits you need, what regulatory issues about the cloud affect you, your particular comfort level with various aspects of the cloud, and so on—before you choose a cloud services provider.
  8. Should every business be on the cloud? No! There are risks to being on the cloud and a business should move to the cloud only if the benefits outweigh those risks.
  9. How do I make the decision whether to move to the cloud? First, get educated so you can be sure you’re making the right move. Then, choose a cloud integrator that isn’t trying to sell you a one-cloud-solution-fits-all. You want an IT company that is both knowledgeable and has your best interests in mind.
  10. Where can I get more information? NoCo Technology Solutions is hosting an educational webinar February 13, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. MST about cloud computing. Alesa and Bill will discuss, in clear business language; the different types of cloud services; the benefits and risks of each of those types of services; and some of the regulatory and contract gotchas many people don’t realize are out there. We’ll help you determine whether the cloud is a good fit for your company and what to look for in a cloud services contract.

You’ll come out of the webinar with information you can use to determine whether you should consider the cloud for your company. Even if you are already using some cloud services, you’ll be more knowledgeable and understand more about your situation, your risks and how to reduce some of those risks.
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